❝Rosemary is one of the more knowledgeable Realtors
I have been associated with.  One of the best!!”❞
F.D. (Pelican Bay)


❝An exceptional Realtor in all aspects. If all your sales associates are half as good as Rose Mary, you don't have to do much else.❞
M.F. (Moorings)


❝In every category Mrs. Everett was outstanding! Was overall the best Realtor we ever worked with. She made the entire project highly productive. Her input was excellent.  Hire more people with the "complete package" like Rose Mary Everett.❞
M.L. (Pelican Bay)


❝Rose Mary is wonderful!  All service was excellent. We have already recommended her to others.❞
S.B. (Bonita Springs)


❝Rose Mary Everett is the consummate professional, a real pleasure to work with.❞
D.F. (Pelican Bay)


❝She did the research, located the property and knew the value and obtained the property for us.  Professionalism? Yes, so very much. Responsiveness to questions or problems?  Yes, and handled all aspects of obtaining all the necessary docs as well--from contract through closing. Overall associate rating? Excellent. And to answer the next question we may do this again some day! Everything seemed seamless with Rose Mary representing us with this transaction.❞

A.S. (Park Shore)


❝Hire more people like Rose Mary Everett.❞

V.S. (Pelican Bay)


❝Get more sales people like Rose Mary.❞
M.L. (Pelican Bay)


❝Honestly, we had a superlative experience with Rose Mary. Thank you for a great experience in purchasing our home in Naples.❞
R.M. (Walden Oaks)


❝She had an excellent knowledge of the state of the market in our area and used that knowledge in developing our highly successful marketing plan. She is the ultimate professional. She went far beyond the norm in providing us with answers and help in all phases of the sale process.  We cannot praise her enough for her help and kindness to us. We have bought and sold 7 homes over the last 40 years. Mrs. Everett is the best agent we have ever had by a large margin.  For us she is the perfect person to have as an agent in selling your house. If we had another home to sell we would have no but her as our agent.  Your service is excellent. Mrs. Everett is the most professional of the professionals. We have over the years bought or sold 7 properties. Mrs. Everett is the best Realtor sales associate we have ever worked with.❞

H.P. (Island Walk)


❝Rose Mary exemplifies the best in customer service- patient and helpful in every respect.❞

J.T. (Pelican Bay)


❝What is the most important this we can do to improve our service? Instill the measure of dedication that Mrs. Everett has in the rest of your employees. This is the second time that Mrs. Everett has assisted us in the sale/purchase of a home. Once again she has provided a degree of excellence in all aspects of the purchase of our new home hat is outstanding.❞

H.P. (Pelican Bay)    

❝They were excellent in all service areas; helpful, attentive, quick to take care of problems, represented us VERY WELL.❞
D.W. (Pelican Bay)


❝Jessica Bibbee and Rose Mary Everett are excellent associates. They far exceeded our expectations and enabled us to find the right condo. They are professional, thorough, responsive and are on top of their game. Way to go girls!❞

R.C. (Vineyards)


❝Jessica Bibbee is a first-class person and agent. Jessica always worked diligently, respectfully answered all questions, and kept a buoyant, friendly and positive attitude at all times. Whatever Jessica did not know, she researched immediately. I can’t recommend Jessica enough. She is the agent you hope to get. Hire more people of Jessica Bibbee’s character and intelligence.❞

V.A. (Vanderbilt Beach)


Extremely helpful in assessing current market movements and situation, recommended price adjustments when indicated, realistic yet supportive in a difficult market.  These women were unbelievably professional, energetic, proactive, and had expert knowledge and skills to sell our condo at the best possible price...


"Jessica in particular went out of her way, time and time again, to "go the extra mile" and help the process along. We were also amazed and impressed with her internet marketing skills and presentations: top notch!!!  Nice local brochure and very upscale advertising...  If I even "thought" a question, Jessica was already answering it, and anything she didn't know, her Mom did....what a fantastic team!


"I and my entire family were blown away by Jessica and Rose Mary; we're so glad we found them! (recommended HIGHLY by the upstairs neighbor) Our Naples estate lawyer and his paralegal both commented that, out of all the realtors they've ever dealt with in the area (over many years!), Jessica and Rose Mary are the best they've ever had the pleasure to work with: totally professional and on top of every little detail, and helpful to the utmost!  Jessica Bibbee and Rose Mary Everett are the perfect "tag team" of realtors, who not only sold our condo for a good price in a difficult market, but helped in every way to make the process smooth and even enjoyable! I'm happy to have them not only as business associates, but now, as friends!

K.C. and Family (Pelican Bay)


❝Working with Jessica was a pleasure.  She stayed on top of the transaction from beginning to end.❞

S.P. (Fiddler’s Creek)


❝Jessica was extremely knowledgeable, professional and a true pleasure to work with. She possessed an in depth understanding of the market exceeding our expectations.❞

J.P. (Pine Ridge)


❝Jessica is what every agent should be...finding what's right for the customer... not just making a sale. The BEST!  She was happy to show me as many properties as I wanted to see so I was comfortable with the market.  Every phone call and email was answered promptly. She followed up on EVERY question.❞

(Pelican Bay)


 ❝Very professional, excellent representation.❞

K.S. (Pelican Bay)